African American man running on the street bare chested on sunny day in black shorts with greenery, skyscrapers, and palms in background

10 Eye Health Tips for Athletes and People Who Exercise Regularly

As an athlete or exercise enthusiast, you are facing some specific eye health challenges. Read on to find out more and discover useful eye health tips.
February 25, 2024
New Year, New You: Embracing Holistic Health with Supplements in 2024

New Year, New You: Embracing Holistic Health with Supplements in 2024

  As we welcome the new year, it's the perfect time to focus on enhancing our health and well-being. In our bustling lives, it's often challenging to maintain a perfectly...
December 27, 2023
teenage girl sitting on a chair and looking at viewer in a modern library with bookshelves in the background

Teenage Eye Health: What You Need to Know

Long hours spent in front of screens, a poor diet, and physical inactivity can challenge teenage eye health. Here's what you can do about it.
December 25, 2023
6 Tips How to Make Your Well-being a Priority This Winter

6 Tips How to Make Your Well-being a Priority This Winter

As the winter season sets in with its shorter days and colder temperatures, it's crucial to prioritize self-care and focus on your well-being. The winter months can sometimes bring about...
December 18, 2023
Discover The Power of Gratitude

Discover The Power of Gratitude

THE MAGIC PILL FOR A HAPPIER, HEALTHIER YOU! Did you know that simply expressing gratitude can unlock a treasure trove of mental and physical benefits? Research has shown that embracing...
November 17, 2023
woman with Afro hairstyle lying in bed looking into computer screen supporting head in hand and with white dog in the background

Should You Use a Blue Light Screen Protector or Filter for Your Computer?

Are you spending hours in front of your computer every day? Using a blue light screen protector or filter may have some benefits. Read on to find out more.
October 09, 2023
woman siting and man lying on couch reading in the living room with books littering the floor

Can Reading Make Dry Eyes Worse?

But are you experiencing dry eyes, eye fatigue, or eye muscle strain after reading?
Find out whether reading and dry eye disease can occur together.
September 11, 2023
woman waking up in room with hand in her hair seen through large plant leaves

What Time Do You Wake Up? Before or After 5 AM?

Waking up at 5 am may not sound easy, but it could have notable benefits. Discover the scientific benefits of waking up at 5am and tips on how to do it.
August 10, 2023
woman hugging blue pillow and smiling in bed as morning light falls over her face

Why It’s Important to Sleep Early for Vision Health

Good sleep is crucial for eye health, and it's not only about how much you sleep but also when you sleep. Here's why sleeping early matters for eye health.
August 03, 2023
portrait of woman at the beach with sunglasses and large hat smiling and holding watermelon slice with blurry sand and sea in the background

Best Type of Sunglasses to Wear This Summer

More than a fashion statement, a good pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. So, what is the best type of sunglasses for the summer?
July 06, 2023
man running on hiking trail with snow-capped blue mountain peak in the background

Can Physical Exercise Improve Eye Health?

Physical exercise can keep your eyes in tip-top condition. Discover the link between exercise and eye health and how exercise can improve dry eye disease.
June 01, 2023
young stressed woman with eyeglasses biting pencil in front of the computer

Can Stress Cause Eye & Vision Problems?

Stressed out? You may have more than just sweaty palms. Stress can cause eye and vision problems, too. Read on to find out more and discover ways to relax.
May 14, 2023