Say goodbye to eyedrops, and hello to naturally replenished eyes.

Formulated with Canadian freeze-dried blueberries and sweetened with Monk fruit extract. These tasty gummies support overall vision wellbeing.

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2 week ago

(Ontario, Canda)

"Miraculous Blueberry Gummies!"

Ever since I have tried the blueberry gummies my eyes have been improving! Redness and irritation has reduced a lot and my eyes feel a lot more hydrated and healthy. I can't wait for my next order so I can continue to take these and allow my eyes to become healthier.

Review for Blueberry Gummies


1 weeks ago

(British Columbia, Canada)

"Effective and yummyI "

Ordered these for the entire family and my children love them! I stay long hours in front of a computer and the gummies help my sensitive eyes a lot. Less eye fatigue, no more redness and definitely more hydrated eyes! Great supplements, we will order again! ❤️

Review for Blueberry Gummies


4 weeks ago

Alberta, Canada)

"Clear Eyes"

I’ve been steadily taking these gummy’s for 10 days and I have found my eyes are more clear, no dryness or itchiness. They feel hydrated and great. And the gummy’s taste really good

Review for Blueberry Gummies

Trust us, we don't like dry eyes either.

Did you know that Canadians are spending an average of 11 hours per day looking at screens?

Digital eyestrain, a condition caused by spending too much time in front of screens, is among the largest contributing factors toward dry eye, which occurs when your eyes don’t produce enough tears.

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Symptoms of Dry Eye

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Blueberry Gummies

Take 1 gummy every hour while on your screen for dry eye relief.

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Take 1-2 capsules every day as a holistic supplement for retinal support.

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Are you a part of the vicious cycle of using eye drops?

Eye drops treat the symptoms of dry eyes, but not the cause. In many cases the tears ducts that moisten your eyes need your help. They have been working very hard and have become depleted. That’s where vision care specialist, Dr. Weidong Yu and the SightSage Team comes in. We’re here to help you help your eyes.


A delicious solution for today's digital age

What can happen when I combat dry eye fatigue?

  • Improved focus while working on a screen
  • Ability to work longer hours
  • More energy, less fatigue

Just the essentials

Taking blueberry gummies before studying, journalling, or reading a book helps to ensure that your eyes won’t dry out and become fatigued too quickly.


Meet the founder

Dr. Yu is a World-Renowned doctor of Chinese medicine for his successful treatment of retinal eye disorders.

With 20 years of extensive research and clinical experience, Dr. Yu has created a line of supplements by combining ancient Chinese medical wisdom with modern nutrition science to promote vision health.


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