woman resting mouth and nose on wooden railing looking down and feeling depressed

Can Depression Affect Eyesight?

Can blurry eyes, dry eyes, or eye pain be depression eye symptoms? Discover the link between depression and eyesight and how one can influence the other.
May 05, 2024
woman stretching in bed in the morning with hand on forehead having tired sticky eyes

How to Soothe Tired Sticky Eyes

Waking up with tired sticky eyes can be a sign of a serious underlying condition. Find out more about the causes of sticky eyes and discover home remedies.
April 28, 2024
man holding round bread with gluten on gluten in front of his stomach

Gluten and Eye Health – Is There a Link?

Going gluten free is all the rage, but what is the link between gluten and eye health? Will going gluten free improve your eye health? Read on to find out.
April 21, 2024
woman with long hair and pink shirt looking to the side against pink background wondering why her tears burn and sting

Why Do My Tears Burn or Sting My Eyes?

Are your tears burning or stinging your eyes? Find out more about the causes of stinging burning watering eyes and what you can do to relieve your symptoms.
April 08, 2024
pieces left of melting glaciers drifting in the sea because of global warming

How Do Environmental Changes Affect Eye Health?

Discover the effects of environmental changes on the eyes and vision to understand how to avoid dry eye disease and safeguard your vision in the years to come.
March 25, 2024
black and white portrait of dark haired man in black coat leaning against bridge railing feeling his eyes dry

The Silent Suffering of Dry Eye Disease: How to Find Relief

Many people around the world are living with eye dryness without knowing that they have dry eye disease. Find out why dry eye syndrome often goes unnoticed.
March 18, 2024
closeup portrait of woman with bright eyes and curly hair on one side of the face looking into the distance

How to Help Your Eyes Recover After LASIK Surgery

LASIK is one of the most effective eye procedures you can get. But it may still cause unpleasant side effects. Here's how to help your eyes recover after LASIK.
March 03, 2024
The Integral Role of Vision in Our Lives and the Holistic Approach of Sightsage

The Integral Role of Vision in Our Lives and the Holistic Approach of Sightsage

Vision is not just a biological function but a sophisticated process that integrates our eyes, retinas, optic nerves, and brain to allow us to perceive the world around us. This...
February 23, 2024
woman with Afro hairstyle sitting at desk drinking coffee before laptop while patting dog on the chair next to her

Pet Allergies and Your Eyes – What You Need to Know

Cats, dogs, and other pets can cause eye allergies that trigger a host of symptoms including eye discomfort. Learn more about how to manage pet allergies.
February 18, 2024
woman in white room putting eye drops in one eye while sitting on the couch

2023 FDA OTC Eye Drops Recalls and What It Means for Eye Health

In 2023, the FDA announced major over-the-counter eye drops recalls involving multiple brands. Find out why and discover safe, natural eye drops alternatives.
February 11, 2024
anxious man in checkered shirt holding his head in his hands by the sea

Anxiety and Eye Health – What’s the Link?

Stress can cause many health problems, but what about anxiety and eyesight? Is there a link? Read on to find out more about anxiety and eyesight problems.
February 04, 2024
closeup of woman's face and large blue eyes wrapped up in pink knitwear

What to Look for in an Eye Health Supplement?

From capsules to gummies, food supplements for good eyesight come in many different varieties. Learn how to choose the right eye health supplement for you.
January 28, 2024