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Blueberry Gummies
E.L. (British Columbia, Canada)
I highly recommend this product.

After watching a video of Kathy, I purchased three bottles of the product out of curiosity. I researched the nutritional value of blueberries that Kathy explained, I was interested and decided to try. The gummies were delicious, I felt the benefit in my eyes immediately, when I woke up my eyes were no longer so dry and so then they were not dry all day. I started taking two gummies a day, sometimes I couldn't resist because they are tasty and I ate 3 or 4 at a time!
I really liked the product and got used to my eyes feeling so good.
When I ran out of gummies, my eyes felt dry, gritty, and my vision was blurry again like before, so I'm ordering more, but this time I'm ordering SightC because I want my eyes to feel even better, and I want all my family to try them.
I highly recommend this product.

Después de ver un video de Kathy, compré tres botellas del producto por curiosidad. Investigué el valor nutricional de las blueberries o arándanos que Kathy explicaba, me interesó y decidí probar. Las gomitas estaban deliciosas, el beneficio en mis ojos lo sentí de inmediato, al despertar mis ojos ya no estaban tan secos y así me duraban bien todo el dia. Empecé tomando dos gomitas al día, a veces no me resistí por su sabor y me comí 3 ó 4 a la vez! Me gustó mucho el producto y me acostumbré a que mis ojos se sintieran tan bien.  Cuando se me terminaron las gomitas, mis ojos se sintieron secos, arenosos y la visión volvió a estar borrosa como antes, asi que estoy ordenando más, pero èsta vez voy a ordenar SightC porque quiero sentir mis ojos aún mejor, y quiero que toda mi familia los pruebe. Yo recomiendo altamente èste producto. 

Cathy C. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Works !!!

These vitamins are the only thing that helped my eyes!! Took away pain , cloudiness and redness!!!

Martha P.R. (Texas, United States)

I love SightC vitamins the best no more dry eyes and my view during the night going better every day, I love them

Susan P. (Illinois, United States)
Dry eye sufferer

Seeing with more clarity. Less floaters.

So easy to understand

Love the helpful tips, they make so much sense and make a difference. I've only been applying some of them for a few days and am already feeling a difference. Highly recommend.

P.T.L. (Kentucky, United States)
Sight C

I just started using Sight C and very pleased with the outcome. I will try the gummies also.

Blueberry Gummies
Rosie C. (Texas, United States)
Great Blueberry flavor

Too soon for me to notice a change. I've been taking this for 4 days. I'll submit a new review in the next week or so. However the flavor is great. Not tart. Keeping my fingers crossed, positive thoughts.

Catherine H. (England, United Kingdom)
A helpful supplement

I came across SightC on Instagram and instantly was drawn to its potential healing powers being formulated by a combination of natural herbs. I suffer from dry eyes and super allergic sensitive eyes that get further irritated by hay fever. I have been taking Sight C for the last month and i have seen an improvement in both my issues. I will continue to take this natural herb combination as every week that goes by the symptoms lessen despite the fact that it is full hayfever season at the moment. I have also been using the Blueberry gummies. 🙏

Blueberry Gummies
Sharon T. (Alberta, Canada)

My sister Debbie introduced me to the gummies. Our family had been together all day doing a project that included a lot of paper and computer time. She started me on three in the morning, and an additional 3 x twice that same day. I could not believe the difference. Typically my eyes would have been dry, burning, just tired. I drove home that night not feeling any of those symptoms. As soon as I could sit down at my computer, I ordered two bottles immediately.

Do I like them? O you bet! They are life changing actually!
I have a few friends who may benefit from them. I will definitely give them some to try! (Its an age thing lol 😊)

Susan A. (New South Wales, Australia)
Best thing ever 💗

My aged mum has had “dry” eyes for years and constantly having eye infections due to this. She has used eye drops, both natural and medicated for over 10 years that I know of. She would wake with gunky stuff in the corner of her eyes constantly.
Since using these (we are on our second bottle taking 2x2 daily) she has not had red, sore eyes and we have ceased all eye drops.
I’m hoping to order another lot of bottles this week to make sure we don’t run out as much we are in Australia so takes a bit longer to arrive.
Thank you so much for inventing SightC, it has been a game changer 🙏🏼💗

Blueberry Gummies
CaTherine E. (Massachusetts, United States)
What Dry Eye Problem?

I had severe dry eye issues. I had punctual plugs put in each eye. I was prescribed a twice daily prescription medication that costs $800 for a 3-month supply. These drops burned so badly. I hated getting up in the morning and putting them in.
By chance, I saw your Kathy speaking about blueberry gummies for dry eyes. I figured, why not give them a try.
I take a couple of gummies in the morning and night. I cannot believe my symptoms of dry eyes are gone for the day.
I am consistent with taking them everyday. They worked for me, and I will continue to keep taking them!

Thank you!
Kathy Evans :)

Francine M. (Arizona, United States)
Great 👀

I received my SightC and love them.

Blueberry Gummies
Annu A. (New Jersey, United States)
Very effective and super delicious

I have never tried a multivitamin that is so delicious . Also, it is full of blueberries which is very good for eyes health.

Tianyu36 Wellness Tips for Digital Lifestyle
Mary a.W. (Arkansas, United States)

Great informative book!
Easy to view tips on the web! Kathy you need to write another one! I love seeing your positives vibes! Thank you for your help!

Blueberry Gummies
Hanson N. (British Columbia, Canada)
Quick Results

I've been taking the dummies for less than a month and have already noticed an improvement in my vision. Thanks to SightSage for an amazing product.

Jill K. (California, United States)
Happy eyes 👀

Hi my name is Jill K. I’m 63, Before sightC I Struggled with headaches, eye strain, dryness, blinking to focus better then I found sightC and the blueberry gummy’s and it helped. My eyes don’t strain, I’m not dry and blinking trying to focus, so helpful, love the results of this product my eyes feel good and healthy now and healthy eyes are happy eyes

Rita G. (Queensland, Australia)
Happy and Hopeful

I'm 55 and have never had eye issues until about 5 years ago. Symptoms such as dry eyes, deteriorating vision and eye strain have increasingly become a huge problem especially in recent months. I have been following Kathy's instagram and decided to try Sight C.
Although I've only been taking it consistently for three weeks (2-3per day), my eyes have definitely improved on all fronts. My hope for my eye health has been restored!
I'm thankful for Kathy and a special shout out to Ana. Her customer service is professional, kind
and generous. Clearly this is a company that cares!
Highly recommend you try!

Blueberry Gummies
BeBe (Connecticut, United States)
Didn’t notice anything different.

Just finished my first bottle of the Blueberry Gummy’s for dry eyes. Unfortunately, I have not noticed a difference in my dry eye situation. ☹️

Hi Bebe,
Thank you for leaving us a review, we really appreciate your feedback. I am glad you posted this review, because the amount of Blueberry Gummies that you take will influence your experience. As you mentioned, you are taking 3 Gummies a day, but you suffer from severe dry eye; for severe dry eye you must take at least 9 Gummies a day, and also try SightC. We are looking forward to tracking your progress with this new dosage and we are happy to provide you with a free consultation so we can help you battle your dry eye discomfort.
Sincerely, Ana from SightSage

Blueberry Gummies
Suan P.Y. (Ontario, Canada)
First time trying this for my dry eyes

I was diagnosed with dry eyes due to MGD and was advised to take oméga 3 everyday. It’s hard to find vegan omega 3 so I decided to give this a try. I’ve been taking for a little more than a month and I can see the results. My eyes definitely feel better than before😄

Michael (New York, United States)
It works!

My eyes have been dry, red and sore for years. I purchased the Blueberry Gummyies and within days my eyes were clear! I am very grateful to SightSage!

Blueberry Gummies
Claudia P. (California, United States)

Great product

Tara (Manitoba, Canada)

I've been taking the Blueberry gummies and Sight C and they work! My eyes feel so much better. Thank you!

Blueberry Gummies
Cathy C. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Excellent product

Hello , it only took one day to feel the difference in my eyes , I’m so grateful no more pain ,dryness, redness .

sylvia p. (California, United States)
Love these!

Tried so very many eye drops, tried other gummies, but these are really the best in that they consistently keep my eyes feeling OK, not just for a few hours.

Nora L. (British Columbia, Canada)
Highly recommend this product

I have Sjogren's disease and this product has helped my dry eyes immensely.