Delicious sugar-free Blueberry Gummies

Formulated with Canadian freeze-dried blueberries and sweetened with Monk fruit extract. These gummies support overall vision wellbeing in the digital age. Take two or three gummies every-time your eyes feel dry and tired during the day to feel the manifold benefits of blueberries and monk fruit!

What's inside

Blueberry Extract

Blueberries are known as the “longevity fruit” and are a great source of antioxidants. Blueberries can bolster collagen structure in the retina and provide extra vision protection through its antioxidant mechanisms.

Monk Fruit

Monk fruit is known for its essential oils, saccharides, proteins, vitamins, and avons. It's rich in several triterpene glycosides known as mogroside Vs that have been proven to reduce disease-prone oxidative stress.

Product Specifications

Contains: 60 blueberry gummies
Suggested Use: Take 1-3 gummies, twice per day.
Storage Method: Store in a cool and dry place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
P.N. (British Columbia, Canada)
SightC and Blueberry Gummies

Great product, definitely refer to my friends

Fanny W. (British Columbia, Canada)

After taking SightC in a week,found some improvement on my vision.
Will continue to try

Raymond B. (Ontario, Canada)
Pleasantly surprised - very effective solution for a common problem.

I spend so much time inside working, staring at a computer monitor or my phone that my eyes were dry and felt gritty. Take glasses off, rub eyes, put glasses on, blink blink blink, work a while, take glasses off...repeat all day.
I hate eye drops, always have. Can't stand using them and the relief only lasts a while - then you need them again and again.
I honestly was not expecting much from Sight Sage, so many claims out there for things that don't really do anything but I figured the free trial was worth a try. Glad I did.
After five days I actually cut the amount I was taking in half - my eyes were so moist I found myself wiping excess fluid from the outside edge of my eyes. I do drink lots of water during the day so I am not sure if this makes a difference, but this product does make my eyes more comfortable.

Ting F.Y. (British Columbia, Canada)
Blueberry Gummies

They are great, much tastier and easier to eat than SightC capsules. I eat them when my eyes are fatigued and it helps relieve some of the dryness. Bit pricy due to my enjoyment of eating them.

Shauna M. (Alberta, Canada)
Slight change Using less daily drops!

There were slight changes that were a bit better, however I am in premenopausal stages so there are others changes potentially affecting my eyes if I wasn’t .