Why we work at Sightsage

“My mom suffers from dry eyes and has relied on eye drops for as long as I can remember. When I saw Sightsage’s job posting and read the thousands of reviews from people claiming that the products had helped them immensely, I decided I had to see it for myself. Now, after working with Sightsage for a few months and making my mom test the products, I totally understand why people trust Sightsage. It’s crazy how something so simple can have such an impact - too good, but true.”

Yin Hong

Digital Marketing Manager

"Working at Sightsage enabled me to learn new technologies and further my experience in building web and mobile based applications."

Andrew Singari

Fullstack Developer

“Working at SightSage has always been fun and rewarding. As a graduating college student, I see a lot of potential growth opportunities at SightSage. Surrounded by all these friendly and hardworking managers and colleagues, I believe we can make a positive influence on vision wellness.”

Albert Kang

Administrative Assistant

What Drives Us

We are a purpose-driven, people-focused company. This is why we do what we do.

  • Vision

    Vision wellness for humanity.

  • Mission

    Empowering vision wellness through lifestyle education, food, and nutrition.

  • Core Values

    Integrity, Accountability, Simplicity, Compassion, Eco-consciousness

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Perks and Benefits

  • Flexible schedules

    At Sightsage, we work when we are most productive. Technology allows us to stay connected and never miss a beat. Our hours are flexible as long as we get our work done on time!

  • Growth and development

    If you discover an aptitude for design, or find yourself interested in operations, but were originally signed up for sales, don’t worry! Sightsage gives you the flexibility to work in the area you feel most comfortable in and supports skills development.

  • A salary that rewards effort

    At Sightsage, we provide a competitive base salary, bonuses, and the option to earn commission based on KPIs that we set for ourselves!

  • Transparent communication

    We operate with a flat organizational structure. We communicate with each other respectfully and honestly and lend a helping hand to whoever needs it, whenever they need it.

  • Healthy Habits

    If you have a headache, a bad cold, allergies, or you hurt your shoulder when bench pressing at the gym, we are only a door away from acupuncture, herbal medicine, and acupressure solutions.

  • Happy Eyes

    Watch your eyes improve with free access to our Blueberry Gummies and other eye health products. Your new worry will be having to buy new glasses because your old prescription is too high for you! Trust us, we’ve been there.