man in white shirt at desk in office room with fluorescent lights above his head smiling over laptop as he takes a white cup to his mouth

Are Fluorescent Lights Bad for Your Eyes?

Fluorescent lights are environmentally friendly and affordable, but they may cause fluorescent eye strain and blurry vision. Learn how to protect your eyes.
June 30, 2024
pieces left of melting glaciers drifting in the sea because of global warming

How Do Environmental Changes Affect Eye Health?

Discover the effects of environmental changes on the eyes and vision to understand how to avoid dry eye disease and safeguard your vision in the years to come.
March 25, 2024
woman with Afro hairstyle sitting at desk drinking coffee before laptop while patting dog on the chair next to her

Pet Allergies and Your Eyes – What You Need to Know

Cats, dogs, and other pets can cause eye allergies that trigger a host of symptoms including eye discomfort. Learn more about how to manage pet allergies.
February 18, 2024
woman in white room putting eye drops in one eye while sitting on the couch

2023 FDA OTC Eye Drops Recalls and What It Means for Eye Health

In 2023, the FDA announced major over-the-counter eye drops recalls involving multiple brands. Find out why and discover safe, natural eye drops alternatives.
February 11, 2024