woman in white sweater with glasses and headphones working on laptop while reclining on yellow and green pillows

Dry Eyes Vs. Eye Strain: Understanding the Differences

Dry eyes and eye strain share some similarities, but the two conditions are different. Read on to discover the differences between dry eyes vs. eye strain.
August 28, 2023
woman with glasses and hands on her temples having a headache with closed eyes before her computer

Dry Eyes and Migraines: Is There a Link?

Dry eyes and migraines go hand in hand, with both conditions sharing many similar symptoms. But can dry eyes cause migraines? Or migraines make dry eyes worse?
June 22, 2023
Eye Strain Headaches: What, Why & How to Treat Them

Eye Strain Headaches: What, Why & How to Treat Them

Spending many hours staring at a screen every day? You might develop an eye strain headache. Learn more about what can cause it and how to treat it.
February 28, 2022