East Meets West

Traditional Chinese medicine traces back to at least 2,200 years ago. The wisdom and knowledge that has been complied by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctors encompasees herbal medicine, acupressure and acupucture, dietary therapy, exercise such as qigong and taichi and more therapies that use tools such as gua sha plates, moxa stick and cups and is based around the Five Elements Theory and the concept of Ying Yang and Balance.

According to TCM, vision of the eyes is dependent on the continuous supply of blood from the liver and Yang energy from the spleen. The blood nourishes the eye and keeps its physical integrity. The Yang energy enables the eye to see things. In a healthy person, Nature’s Yang energy rises during the day; the body’s yang energy also rises following the Nature’s, which enables eyes to see better because of increased supply of Yang energy. At night Nature’s Yang energy goes down, the body’s Yang energy also goes down following it – leading the eye to see things less clearly at night.