Tianyu36 Wellness Tips for Digital Lifestyle

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This handbook offers simple tips and exercises for staying healthy in this digital age.

The content tackles health concerns and challenges that many people face on a daily basis with Traditional Chinese Medicine methods. It offers reliable and effective tips for people who want to seek alternative methods for their consistent health problems, such as bad posture, insomnia, weight loss, irregular period, low moods, constipation and irritable bowel movement.

This book connects related TikTok videos with QR codeswhich which shows further details and directions on tips and exercises.

In the videos, the author herself shows the exercises in a simple way that is easy to understand and follow along. Your health is just one scan away!

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We think that you're going to love our products but in case you don't, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on your first order from us. Please contact our support team at support@sightsage.com within 30 days of your received order for instructions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

What a concept! Read the section, scan the QR, follow along the video, et voila, feel much better. Thank you so much Dr Kathy!

Majella P.
Tianyu 36

I was a bit disappointed as I expected more from the book eg some of the simple exercises I got fm YouTube is not in the book. Overall it’s easy reading & scan to follow.

mihaela m. (New Mexico, United States)
Thank you so much

Love this book - when I need a exercise I just scan the barcode with my phone and is taking me there. This is a must have

Jacquelyn E. (California, United States)
Tianyu book

Book is easy to reference and helpful tool to find the videos that are compatible with the wellness tips.

D.B. (Tennessee, United States)
Blueberry gummies

The blueberry gummies did not work for me