We're on a mission to enhance eye health and vision wellness in the digital age and affiliates are reaping the rewards

Affiliate Program

Lifestyle changes, increased use of digital devices, an aging population, and Covid-19 lockdowns have created a rise in vision issues around the world.

Right now you can join us on our mission and collect as much as 20% commission for recommending our high quality vision supplements which are all formulated by a world-renowned doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and naturopathic wellness with 30+ years of international expertise, specializing in acupuncture and vision health.

Join the SightSage Affiliate Program

How it Works?

We've put together a great program that is competitive in our market:

• Start at 15% commission

• Get increases tied to performance volume - up to 20% per sale

• 120 Day Tracking
$75 Average Order Value (AOV)

• Multi-Touch Attribution protects partner earnings with tracking priority for Content Creators who drive increased market share and new customer acquisition

• Dedicated Program Management & Responsive Support

SightSage works with an affiliate platform, ShareASale, to help us manage affiliate relationships, track purchases, and manage payouts. Thousands of merchants trust ShareASale and tens of thousands of affiliates use the ShareASale network.

Program Requirements

You must meet the following requirements to be considered for the SightSage Affiliate program:

  • Must have an audience of people.
  • Must have a website/social media that identifies your profile/business for verification purposes.
  • Must NOT utilize coupons as part of your promotional strategy.
  • Must NOT contain adult content or link to sites that contain adult content.
How can I Join SightSage Affiliate Program?

Joining the program takes only a few minutes:

1. Create an account on ShareASale

2. Visit the SightSage Merchant Profile

3. Select “Join Program”

4. Select “Join this Program”

We review all partners who want to join the SightSage Affiliate Program. You will be notified within 2 business days if you're approved into the program.

How to Start selling with the SightSage Affiliate Program

Once you’ve been approved into the SightSage Affiliate Program:

• You’ll have access to a personalized URL that will track visitors from your website or social media, to SightSage. This is how we're able to track purchases and calculate payments.

• You’ll be paid by ShareASale once per month by physical check or direct deposit.

Get your personalized URL to the SightSage store:

1. Visit SightSage Merchant Links

2. Click the “Copy Merchant Default Link to Clipboard”

3. Paste the personalized URL to your audience. This can be on your website, social channels, etc