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We are thrilled to share an incredible story of hope and healing from our Wellspring Clinic! 

On February 27, 2024, Wellspring Clinic in Canada welcomed Stanley, a 46-year-old patient from Hong Kong who has been living with Retinitis Pigmentosa for over 30 years. While his left eye retains some vision for distant objects, his right eye is nearly blind, leading to his inability to drive and the loss of his job.

In 2021, Stanley experienced a corneal detachment in his right eye while playing ball in Hong Kong, resulting in vision loss after surgery. Upon arriving in Canada, Stanley underwent cataract surgery on both eyes, receiving artificial lenses that corrected his nearsightedness but caused presbyopia.

In September 2023, Stanley was involved in a car accident that further damaged his right eye, resulting in complete vision loss and high eye pressure. He is currently using medication to manage glaucoma.

Due to his complex medical history involving Retinitis Pigmentosa, glaucoma, trauma, and surgeries, Stanley's condition is challenging.

His right eye has no measurable visual acuity, making reading and detecting hand movements impossible. Although his left eye can still read, its limited field of vision prevents him from seeing objects handed to him.

 Fortunately, Stanley can walk independently during the day without assistance.


On February 27, before starting treatment, Stanley could not see anything with his right eye, whether standing at 1 foot or 5 feet away.

 On February 28, after the second day of treatment, Stanley could see the fourth line from 1 foot away, showing an improvement of four lines.

On February 29, after the third day of treatment, Stanley could see the fifth line from 1 foot away, an improvement of five lines. From 5 feet away, he could also see the first line, marking an improvement of one line.

What amazed him the most was that his previously nearly blind right eye, which had only a little light perception at the bottom, began to sense some light at the top after just two or three days of treatment. He could even see some blurry images, which made him very happy. It was not just the light in his eyes but also a ray of hope shining into his once despairing heart.

He saw hope!

Over the next seven days, Stanley actively cooperated with the treatment. Each day, the doctor performed acupuncture on him, starting with his feet, then moving to his hands, and finally treating his face. He also received acupuncture on his head. Throughout the treatment, the doctor adjusted Chinese herbal medicines according to Stanley's condition.

After a few days, Stanley's vision began to show significant improvement. The doctor recommended that Stanley complement the treatment with appropriate exercises for better results. At the clinic, Stanley, along with patients from around the world, learned exercises to speed up the recovery of his eyesight.

After ten days of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatment, let's see if Stanley made progress.

Initially, his right eye was almost blind, unable to see the largest letter on the vision chart from 5 feet away. After ten days:

Stanley could see the fifth line from 1 foot away, an improvement of five lines.

From 5 feet away, he could see the third line on the chart, an improvement of three lines.

His field of vision improved significantly:

Initially, his upper field was 60, lower field 80, left field 90, and right field 50. After ten days, these increased to an upper field of 100, lower field of 75, left field of 240, and right field of 100.

The vertical field expanded from 140 to 175, an increase of 35.

The horizontal field grew from 140 to 340, more than doubling, an increase of 200.



The greatest joy came from the restoration of sight in Stanley's right eye, overcoming his visual impairment and disability, and regaining both vision and an expanded field of view.

Let's delve into Stanley's emotions and journey during this transformative experience! 🎥🌐

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The Wellspring Clinic Team
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April 17, 2024 — Sight Sage

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