In February 2024, the Wellspring Clinic for Retinitis Pigmentosa witnessed an extraordinary transformation in Miguel, a patient who arrived with severely impaired vision, teetering on the brink of legal blindness. Today, we're excited to share the incredible journey of how Miguel regained his vision and, with it, his zest for life.

The Battle with Retinitis Pigmentosa

Miguel’s battle with Retinitis Pigmentosa had been a challenging one. His visual acuity was so compromised that he struggled to see anything beyond 10 feet, and his visual field was confined to a mere 22 cm. Life was like looking through a narrow tunnel, with the rest of the world shrouded in fog.

A Beacon of Hope

However, hope sparked when Miguel checked into Wellspring Clinic. Undergoing a 10-day intensive treatment that combined acupuncture, herbal medicine, and specialized eye exercises, he started to notice significant changes. By the end of the treatment, his world transformed dramatically.

Significant Results


Miguel’s visual acuity improved to the extent that he could see at 10 feet what was previously invisible to him. His visual field expanded from 22 cm to an impressive 71 cm, allowing him to navigate spaces and recognize faces and objects with ease. This marked a monumental shift from disabled to normal vision, enabling him to engage in daily activities like reading and walking safely on the streets.

Beyond the Treatment

The journey didn’t end with the treatment. Miguel continued to see improvements in his condition. The once unbearable sensitivity to sunlight became a worry of the past, and the fog that clouded his vision lifted, bringing in a world full of vibrant details and colors.

Sharing the Journey

Miguel’s story is not just about his battle with Retinitis Pigmentosa but also about his unyielding spirit and the life-changing potential of specialized care at Wellspring Clinic. We have documented his inspiring journey on our YouTube channel, providing a window into the transformative experiences of our patients.

A Message of Hope

Miguel’s story is a testament to the possibilities of modern medicine and the importance of hope and perseverance. It’s a message we at Wellspring Clinic are passionate about spreading. We believe in the power of specialized care to transform lives and are committed to providing our patients with the best possible treatment.

Join Us in Celebrating Transformation

We invite you to watch Miguel’s journey on our YouTube channel and share in the joy of his newfound vision. It’s not just a story of medical success; it’s a narrative that underscores the resilience of the human spirit and the profound impact of compassionate care.

Watch Miguel's journey unfold:

At Wellspring Clinic, every patient’s success story fuels our commitment to excellence in eye care and holistic treatment. Join us in celebrating Miguel’s breakthrough and help spread the word about the life-changing potential of specialized care.

March 27, 2024 — Sight Sage

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