About Us

Sightsage is a Canadian company that manufactures and distributes whole foods-based nutrition products. The company was created by Dr. Weidong Yu, a world renowned doctor of Chinese medicine  for his successful treatment of retinal eye disorders.

Dr. Yu’s vision for Sightsage is informed by his life-long pursuits in medicine. Proper nutrition is one of the most important factors for health and healing, but many people today do not maintain a balanced and nutrient-rich diet. 

Sightsage is committed to creating whole foods-based, organically-grown, non-genetically modified foods to provide nutritional support for wellness and human vision performance.

SightSage products are created through combinations of Ancient Chinese medical wisdom and foods ,Nutritional science.

East meet west, making a balanced foods formulations for optimum wellness.

Mission and Value

Corporate culture is the core competitiveness of building a century-old store.

The establishment and development of successful enterprises must first be shaped

Good corporate culture core values.

Honest Integrity

Sincere, realistic, in the production and sales process, honesty is not bullying. Really.


We produce valuable products that bring value to our customers.

A platform for successful employee appreciation and investment. Companies, customers, employees, and investors form a positive energy value chain.


Avenue to Jane, in the product, customer service, business management model to strive for simplicity, not complicated.

Loving Kindness

Produce our products with love

Treat our customers with love

Manage our business with love

Let sincerity and love spread to the world through our products.


We are based on natural-derived products, creating value for our customers, always taking care of the environment and giving back to the community and nature. create a sustainable business model.

Optimistic Positive

The situation changes. Career is our internal manifestation. An optimistic attitude creates an abundance of career and life. Our optimistic attitude infects customers, improves lives and initiates a healthy lifestyle in the course of business.

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916 W.King Edward Ave., Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 2E2